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The Beauty Edit: Five Hot Product Reviews

Thanks to social media, beauty products now go viral.  Whether it’s a lipkit or a must-have mask, some products become must haves before they’re even released.  Here are reviews of five products I purchased after they took over my blog reader, Insta-account, and
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My Summer AM and PM Skincare Regimens

While it’s been years since I’ve significantly altered my makeup or hair routines, my skincare regimen changes a few times a year.  New products are released.  Old products are discontintued.  I decide I don’t want to keep paying $110 for night cream.  In
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How I Deal With Cellulite, A Love Story

Cellulite, the bumpy, dimply, citrus-peel looking flesh on the back of our thighs that we battle every spring and summer.  Very simply, cellulite occurs when fat cells push “against connective tissue causing the skin to pucker.”  And since 9-out-of-10 women have
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The Solution for Sheer Tops

Let’s be real for a second: When was the last time you bought a blouse that was completely opaque?  2005?  During the recession, fabric quality fell through the floor.  Retailers claim that sheer is the “trend” or the “style”, but it’s just a
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Product Review: Dr. Jart Rubber Mask

When you have acne, you will buy anything that claims to make it go away.  And I mean, anything.  Strange tasting waters.  Creams that burn and sting.  Tools that abrade, heat, or puncture.  You give me a promising before-and-after-photo, and I am there.  So when Dr. Jart
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