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The Working Girl’s Guide to Mastering Second-Day Hair

You’re getting ready for bed, and you stop to take a look at tomorrow morning’s calendar.  And there it is: the 8:00 AM breakfast meeting you forgot about.  Cold scrambled eggs and stale bagels, yum.  Now, you’re whole morning routine needs to be evaluated to make sure you arrive on time and look your best.  What’s a working girl to do? Here’s how to make …

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The $14 Under-Eye Concealer I Cannot Live Without

Even as a child, I had under-eye circles.  What six year old has dark circles?  Well, I did.  Now, as an adult, a lack of sleep, dehydration, and some mild allergies has made them even worse.  I’ve tried every miracle cream on the market to little result, but one $14 concealer is helping me cover them up.

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Four Foreign Beauty Products That Blew My Mind

When I travel, I will happily spend hours walking through grocery stores and pharmacies looking for that country’s miracle beauty products.  In Montreal this weekend, I found some new beauty items that I just adored.  And luckily, four of my new favorites are available in the U.S..

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Eight Tips for Organizing Your Bathroom

Are you beauty products spilling from every drawer and cabinet in your bathroom?  Keep your bottles, compacts, and jars in check with these easy tips for organizing your bathroom.  Just because we love beauty doesn’t mean we have to let it get the best of us.

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