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The Weekly Edit: Everything Is Everything

Do you ever have a lost week?  A week when you had big plans — cleaning, work, fun — and none of it happens.  That was last week for me.  Kyle was out of town for part of the week, and I thought I’d be so productive.  But after being sick, and traveling, I just needed a rest. The good news is that the weather …

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+ The Weekly Edit

The Weekly Edit: Sick and Tired? Or Just Sick

On Monday, I had a cold.  On Wednesday, I had a sinus infection.  By Saturday, the plague.  And while Kyle enjoyed 36-hours of near-total silence, after my voice ghosted me, I am now on the mend.  Nothing like illness to make you appreciate the ability to breathe unimpeded. Here’s what I did and what I loved during my lost week.

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