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Saw It On Social: True Love Bras

Disrupters are everywhere, and they pop up when a product many people use doesn’t live up to consumer’s highest ideals.  For men, they’re trying to disrupt the shaving industry.  And for women, the disrupters are attacking the bra makers.  Because almost all women wear them, and very few of us love our bra.

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#FitClubFriday: A Donut Is Just a Donut (Letting Go of Food Guilt)

Friday Fit Club isn’t about achieving the perfect thigh gap or losing that holiday weight.  At 35, I’m trying to do something I’ve never done before, live a healthy lifestyle.  I’m eating more vegetables and trying to exercise regularly because I don’t want to be 71 listening to my doctor explain that I need to stop eating Big Macs, while he doubles the dose of …

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