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The Weekly Edit: Shooting for the Stars

I moved to D.C. in December 2004.  It was almost a year before I went home to Montana again.  I vividly remember getting out of the car and seeing all the stars above me.  When you’re used to living under the Big Sky, you take them for granted.  But when you haven’t seen them in months, thanks to city light pollution, they suddenly look spectacular. …

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Features + Saw It On Social

Saw It on Social: Purple Carrot Meals

Kyle and I have a simple division of labor: I do 90% of the cleaning, he does 90% of the cooking.  He enjoys cooking, and is pretty good at it, but that doesn’t mean his menus are very healthy.  This summer, I realized that we needed to eat more vegetables, but even when we bought them, we didn’t do a very good job of actually …

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Features + The Range

The Range: Black Flats for Fall

During my last year on Capitol Hill, I realized that high heels were a scam.  I still loved them.  But in the way you love the boyfriend who still talks to his ex all the time.  It’s precarious.  Because when you walk or stand a lot at work, high heels look great, but can feel terrible. That’s why I switched to pointed-toe flats. Cue the …

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