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The Weekly Edit: On the Coming Horizon

Like many professional women, I was taught that if you take on a commitment, you live up to it.  In my older years, however, I’ve realized that sometimes you have to ask if the follow-through is worth the cost.  If your work is costing you your mental health and putting you in a position where you are asked to act contrary to your values, should …

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On Taking a Needed Hiatus

Good Morning: The blog is going to be on hiatus until Monday. Like so many overachieving women, I have a tendency to take on too much.  I need a couple of days to clear my to-do list.  Plus, when life gets frenetic, even I need to admit that the content here gets stale. CHS and the community we’ve built here, and on Facebook, are some …

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Features + The Range

The Find: A Poplin Shirt

This week’s morning posts are all about shirts.  Because who among us hasn’t opened our closet and thought, “I have plenty of skirts and pants, but no tops.”  At least no tops that you want to wear.  So let’s refresh together shall we?

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