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10 Statement Earrings for Summer

Recently, I’ve gotten into big earrings.  When I want to feel dressed up, big earrings.  When I don’t know how to finish an outfit, big earrings.  Formal occasions, casual outings, if I just need something extra, big earrings.  Here are ten pairs under-$50 to bring a burst of life to your wardrobe.

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Ask Belle: Five Shops for Casual Dresses

Hi Belle, I follow you on Instagram and I’m wondering where you find the dresses you always wear on weekends?  Liesl I like to wear dresses on casual days because it allows me to dress nicely without overdressing.  Just add a pair of flat shoes, some sunglasses, a good bag, one accessory/piece of jewelry and you’re done.  Here are the places where I find most of …

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Ask Belle: Casual Spring Outfits

This morning, I wrote about the 15 pieces that I felt would make a good starting point for a casual spring wardrobe .  But even if you buy the right pieces, it doesn’t do you much good unless you know how to style them into outfits. A Navy Shift Dress Two Ways: See this morning’s post for the names and prices of items. Changing one piece–the necklace for the scarf–turns this outfit from a dinner outfit to a more casual outfit.  You could also tie the citron sweater from this morning ‘s post over your shoulders, if you wanted to add a bit …