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The Desk Sweater, How to Keep Warm at Work

Are you cold?  Office thermostats are notoriously controlled by men , so most workplaces are freezing.  And being productive when your frozen stiff is basically impossible. So how do you stay warm when you can’t have a space heater, need to look professional, and don’t want to spend the whole winter whining about the cold?  Here are some tips for keeping warm at work.

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Career Style: Five Ways to Style Brooches

For many women, brooches and pins are synonymous with grandma’s jewelry box.  But these lovely little baubles don’t need to be mothball’ed in the past.  Brooches can be worn in a modern way to add the perfect hint of sparkle and fun to any work outfit.  Here are five ways to style pins and brooches.

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Seven Work Blouses Under-$100

A great blouse is a must.  On busy mornings, being able to reach for a top that makes you feel put together is a lifesaver.  A stylish blouse can complete a basic business suit, bring new life to a simple pencil skirt, or jazz up a pair of jeans.  Here are seven blouses that are perfect for the summer-fall transition. (And while we re-work the …

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Seven Stylish Jackets for the Office Under-$100

When my work wardrobe needs a pick me up, I always choose a jacket or blazer.  Why?  Because you can layer a new topper over other pieces that you love to create a great new outfit.  It’s the perfect thing to perk up a favorite dress or get a few more miles out of a staple blouse.  And if you pick the right jacket, you …

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