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The Desk Sweater, How to Keep Warm at Work

Are you cold?  Office thermostats are notoriously controlled by men , so most workplaces are freezing.  And being productive when your frozen stiff is basically impossible. So how do you stay warm when you can’t have a space heater, need to look professional, and don’t want to spend the whole winter whining about the cold?  Here are some tips for keeping warm at work.

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Seven Work Blouses Under-$100

A great blouse is a must.  On busy mornings, being able to reach for a top that makes you feel put together is a lifesaver.  A stylish blouse can complete a basic business suit, bring new life to a simple pencil skirt, or jazz up a pair of jeans.  Here are seven blouses that are perfect for the summer-fall transition. (And while we re-work the …

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