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Features + The Weekly Edit

The Weekly Edit: Keep the Plates Spinning

Drinking from a fire hose, that’s the only way to describe the past few weeks. We have a wedding coming up in 19 days.  I picked up a new political client unexpectedly.  And I put all of my passion projects into the fire at the same time, because patience has never been a strength. Just keep all the plates in the air (at least for …

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Features + The Range

The Range: Leopard Boots for Fall

I really, really wanted to buy a pair of leopard boots last fall, but I kept telling myself they were just a trendy item that I wouldn’t wear enough.  But this fall, I intend to rectify that mistake.  I wear my leopard flat all the time, a pair of leopard boots should be no different.  And a chunky heel should give me the comfort I need …

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Features + Best Purchases Ever

Workout Week: Sports Bra

There are as many opinions about sports bras as there are women.  I recently discovered a new style that is so comfortable, I forget that I’m wearing it.  And when you’re trying to push through a hard workout, the last thing you need is your bra digging into your rib cage.

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